About Us

bob hilscher filming along the oxtongue, ontario, canada, truenorthfilmproductions

Producer, director, photojournalist and writer, Bob Hilscher has produced and directed over a 100 documentaries during his 42-year career.

Bob’s film work has been honoured with many Canadian and international awards including 2 International Wildlife Film Festival Awards, the Canadian Science Writers Award,  New York Film Festival Awards, Worldfest Houston Awards,  a California Media Award, and Gemini Awards, among others.

Bob’s combined experiences and travels have given him a better understanding of the world’s cultures, countries, and people.

Through his ongoing documentary work with True North Film Productions, he looks forward to sharing the worlds he discovers through his lens.

True North Film Productions is located Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

phone: 647.292.8487

email: hilscher@rogers.com