Oxtongue River and the Canadian Flag Debate


a y jackson sketching in canada

In 1963 the Great Canadian Flag Debate began in Canada. On June 10th, 1964, Group of Seven member, A.Y. Jackson sent…

a y jackson proposed canadian flag design

a letter along with his flag design shown above to then Prime Minister of Canada, Lester B. Pearson.

"Red Maple" - by A.Y. Jackson

In his letter to the Prime Minister, Jackson speaks about his time with Tom Thomson and sketching “The Red Maple” on the Ox Tonge River.

a y jackson letter to PM Pearson regards canadian flag debate

He goes on in his letter to explain to the P.M. just what he feels should be on the proposed new Canadian Flag. In the end, Jackson’s flag design was not selected.

canadian flag first official appearance in ottawa on feb 15, 1965

As pictured above, the National Flag of Canada, also know as the “Maple Leaf” made its first official appearance, 51 years ago on February 15, 1965, which today is the National Flag of Canada Day.

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